Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bible Study, Thursday at 7:30

Hey Girls! Just wanted to remind you of Bible Study tomorrow night at 7:30! We want to listen to what God has to say about the mission and purpose that He has for each of us while on this earth! It's a small group of ladies that want to follow Jesus and hear Him as He talks to us through His Word in His Spirit. I'm excited to see our intimacy with the Lord and with one another grow deeper. There will be certain scriptures that we will dig into as we seek to grow in our understanding of discipleship and mentorship. Love you girls. Be praying- we really have no idea what we are doing (for real :-)) just wanting to listen and obey Him! We need Him to guide us! So please be praying for us- that this time together would truly bring glory to Him! This week we will listen to a video by David Platt (even if you have listened to it before, I believe it will be good to listen to it again- especially listening to it together) and then we will talk about it and then start thinking in the way of discipleship- giving verses that we will dig into over the next several weeks! I am praying for this time together- we are dependent on Him.

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