Monday, June 20, 2011

Week three disciplship video

The following link is week three video for our discipleship study. We discussed how if we were to be His disciple and make His disciples, we must slay the desire for self glory and actively live for the glory of God. We must lose our lives and live for Another. We discussed how easy it is to be chained by the desire of human approval rather than seeking God's approval over our everyday lives.

There are really no words to say how much of a blessing this video has been in my own life. It's truths have really penetrated me, convicting me and purging me and allowing me to see myself for more of who I really am- and then in return to see a little bit more of the worth of Christ. I hope you'll watch it and let the Spirit do His work in you too.The first several minutes are on the importance of small groups, accountability, etc. then he gets into the main message.

I pray and hope this study, short as it has been, has been used to stir our affections for Christ and His precious Word! Updates on the next Bible Study for the fall will be coming soon! The discipleship study is something we can pick up anytime and continue in small portions like we have done through April.

Hope you girls are enjoying the studies in Equip-U!

Let's be on our knees with our Bibles! Love you ladies!

Excited to spend some times w/ just you girls this summer! Don't forget about the playdates, etc. that Aubrey is setting up for the moms!

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